Long day of Ops

This morning after walking Robert to school, I got ready and headed out.  I drove today, and before going to work, I stopped at the medical clinic to have my PPD (TB test) read.  Nothing there, as usual.  Then it was off to work to get into uniform and head to formation.  After formation I headed to my office and began a day of Operations work.  I had emails back from all the people I e-mailed yesterday so I took care of those.  I have some gigs in the works – 2 parades and a thing near Christmas – so that’s a good thing!  Soon it was lunchtime and after I ate, and then I stitched.  I finished a project, but no pictures until December because it’s for someone.  I had another project with me to start, but I ended up not able to start it even though I still had a half hour of lunch left.  It’s kind of hard to start a new cross stitch project if you don’t have fabric to stitch it on.  Oops!!  After lunch SH (my friend and supervisor) and I had meetings with representatives from the AIT Battalion and the NCO Academy and we’re going to be starting playing at their graduation ceremonies.  That took most of the afternoon, but in between the meetings and for a while after the second one, I worked on fixing one of the scripts that we’ve been working on.  Soon it was time to go home, and I headed out.  After I got home, I got changed and we headed out.  We went to the Harley shop so Ryan could get a jacket (long sleeved, a little extra padding on the elbows, etc.).  Then we went to Target and got invites and other stuff for Robert’s upcoming birthday party.  He’s having a pirate-themed party and inviting 5 friends from his class.  Then we went to Chili’s for dinner.  On our way home, the guys dropped me off at the church so I could go to choir practice.  Yes, I’m joining the church choir!!  And what a choir it is – there are 8 guys, and like 30+ overall!!!!  What a beautiful sound was made this evening during rehearsal.  I’m the "baby" of the group, but everyone was really happy to have me join them.  I love our church here.  One of the ladies in the choir gave me a ride home since Ryan and Robert had dropped me off.  I got home and got Robert’s invites done so they can get delivered tomorrow (they’re in his folder for school and his teacher will put them in the appropriate kids’ folders to go home tomorrow).  Then I chatted with my friend A and relaxed.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  74

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