Back to work

Ryan had the first day of his motorcycle course today, so he was out the door early.  I biked with Robert to school and then I headed to work (Ryan had to take the van).  It took me 44:14 to ride the 6.32 miles to work.  It seemed a little easier this morning – hopefully that’s a trend that continues!  Once at work, I got cleaned up and into uniform and headed to formation.  After formation I got my horn out since we had Brass Quintet rehearsal.  It went really well, and we actually have a few gigs coming up – my first gig will be next week!  After rehearsal, I headed to the medical clinic in the unit’s truck (Chevy 2500 – talk about a beast of a truck!!) for my annual physical.  It’s really nothing – just a lot of talking and discussing.  At least I’m done for another year.  Then it was back to the band hall for lunch and stitching after I ate.  Then the afternoon was spent in my office – afternoons are shop time.  Part way through the afternoon, the rain started.  Yay.  But by the time it was time to go home, it had pretty much stopped.  It was drizzling a little bit when I left the band hall, but then that stopped and the sun came out again.  I still got pretty soggy on the way home from the puddles and road spray.  It was actually kind of fun!  The ride home (actually to the elementary school to get Robert) was 6.41 miles in 33:54.  I love the downhill ride home!  Robert and I went and got the mail and shortly after we got home, Ryan got home as well.  We were all tired, so we went to Applebee’s for dinner.  Then it was home for Robert to get his toys cleaned up and then bedtime.  I was too tired to stitch, so I crocheted for a while.  Now, off to bed.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  70