A typical Sunday

We got up this morning and got ready and headed to Sunday School.  We have 2 weeks (today and next week) of "Entry Into Kindergarten" "classes" for the Kindergarten parents.  Entry into Kindergarten is a milestone and is celebrated by our church here.  Stayed tuned in a couple of weeks to see how they celebrate it.  🙂  After Sunday School was church and it was a good service.  I got compliments afterward at how well behaved Robert was during the service.  And the friendliness continues with us meeting more new people after the service and lots of people talking to us after the service.  After a quick stop at home for my to get the grocery list and my uniform, we headed out to post.  We stopped by the band hall so I could put my uniform and boots in my locker in preparation of bike rides to work.  Then we went to Jeannie’s Diner at the bowling alley for lunch.  Ryan got his hair cut after we were done eating, and while he was waiting, Robert and I walked around outside for a while.  Then when Ryan was done, we headed to the commissary for our weekly grocery shopping trip.  I love my reusable grocery bags!!  I even have a thermal one to keep my cold stuff cold.  Then it was home to get everything unpacked and put away.  I got laundry started, folded some that had been in the dryer, we finished watching the NASCAR race from yesterday, and I made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad.  It’s always good to talk to them and I enjoy our weekly phone chats.  After I was done on the phone, we headed to Dairy Queen for dinner.  Yes, ice cream for Sunday dinner.  🙂  I had a raspberry truffle blizzard.  Very yummy!  I think I’m going to try and have a different flavor each week, even though I have my favorites.  Then it was home again and Robert got his toys picked up (mostly) and I got him read to and tucked into bed.  Then I stitched for a while.

Today’s high:  86
Current:  69