More empty boxes

I got up this morning and went for a 3.76 mile run in 43:24, an 11:33 pace. That’s about the pace we’ll be shooting for in the marathon in January for a 5 hour finish. I think I found my training route for when I start marathon training. There’s a bike path that runs along the highway that I take to work (I actually use the bike path on my way home) and about halfway between home and post there’s a little park. The bike path loops around the park and there is a water fountain on the loop. I might not need to carry as much water on my long runs if I use that route! Once I got home, I did 150 crunches. I’m trying to do 150 in the morning and another 150 before bed so maybe someday I’ll be able to get caught up in the crunch challenge that and I are doing this year (100 crunches a day for 36,500 for the year). Once home and I had made and drank my chocolate milk (a really good post-run drink – and about all I can handle after a run. I sure don’t feel like food.), I relaxed for a while and checked my e-mail and stuff. Then Robert wanted to go run, so I went again. I used my GPS watch just to see how far we went, and we went a half mile. We did walk some, but he did really good. When we got back we had a late breakfast. Ryan slept through all this and finally got up around 1100.

After some more computer time and play time, we got to work. Ryan started working on his Jeff Gordon collection in our bedroom, and Robert and I went to work in his room. We got all his toys put away where they’re supposed to go and got more boxes unpacked. Two of the boxes in his room marked "toys" did not contain even one toy. One box had kitchen stuff (my big soup pot, cookie cutters, etc.) and the other one had nick knacks and stuff from the TV area in our old house. Hmm. . . . I didn’t think Robert had THAT many toys. LOL There are still 2 boxes in his room, but I think it’s not going to be toys. He now has room to play in his room and he was excited about that. I unpacked about 3 or so more boxes in the craft room. We getting there, but we probably still have 20 or so boxes to unpack before I can do the damage claim.

Then we relaxed for a bit more before heading out to dinner at Vinny’s Pizza. It was recommended by one of my friends from work. They have pizza and wings and other stuff like that. Robert had the kids spaghetti and meatball, I had veggie pizza, and Ryan had chicken parmesan. It was really good, and not all that expensive. After we were done eating, we headed to the Veteran’s Memorial Park here in town and enjoying an hour-long concert by 42 Romeo, the Rock Band from the 36th Army Band. We also enjoyed chatting with other band members (including my commander) and their families. The kids all had fun playing together before the concert and then dancing during. During the last few songs, the kids were up right by the stage, and during the last song, the female vocalist got them all up on stage. The drummer in the band gave drum sticks to most of the kids, and Robert sure was excited about his. It was a really fun evening. Then it was home for Robert to put his toys away and get ready for bed. After he was in bed, we watched the NASCAR race that we Tivoed and I stitched. Time for bed now. . .

Today’s high: 81
Current: 70

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