First Drill Band

Today was my early morning, so formation at 0800 instead of 0900.  I got up and got lunches packed and breakfast for Robert and I.  Then I headed out the door.  I drove today, but I still had to get there a little early so I could change into uniform.  After formation, I borrowed a horn from one of the other trombone players since I don’t have one yet and headed outside for Drill Band.  We did a couple of sound offs and then a couple of pass in reviews and then we were done.  Boy was it warm out there.  I’m so looking forward to my first marching ceremony in a few weeks.  LOL  Then we had about an hour or so of a couple of required Army classes.  Then the members of BQ tried to move some lockers into our rehearsal area.  I say tried because they were too big – maybe we should have measured before we moved the heavy lockers all the way from the rehearsal hall to our room.  We only had to move them back.  By then it was about lunchtime.  I ate my lunch and then I stitched for the rest of the time.  After lunch I worked on Ops stuff and got quite a bit accomplished.  I finished my TDY budget plan.  I finished a script (we’re working on doing standardized ones for each type of ceremony).  I finished a course I was working on last week that I had kind of forgotten about.  OH, and the first thing I did after lunch was have my in-brief with my Commander.  She’s really nice and we just sat and talked for a while.  She gave me expectations and stuff.  Soon it was 1530 and time to go home.  I headed home, and Ryan had gotten home just a couple of minutes before I did.  I got changed out of uniform and then we walked and got Robert from Kids WORLD, the after school program he goes to at school.  Then it was home for dinner before heading back to the school for the PTO meeting.  Ryan was the only Dad there – go figure.  We talked about various things we’ll be doing this year.  There were about maybe 15 parents and teachers there.  They said this was one of the biggest groups they’ve had show up at a meeting.  Wow.  There were a few other kids there, and Robert ran around and played with them – the meeting was in the multi-purpose room (cafeteria) at the school.  By the time the meeting was done, it was Robert’s bedtime, so after we got home we got him all tucked in.  Then I started a new cross stitch project and worked on that for a bit.  Off to bed now.  . .

Today’s high:  95
Current:  78

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