Riding to work

This morning after getting 2 lunches and 2 backpacks packed and breakfast made and eaten, we said goodbye in the garage.  Ryan walked Robert to school and I headed to work on my bike.  This morning’s ride was a bit easier than last week when I rode.  Once on post, I took a slightly different route and even though it was a little bit longer, I think the climb was a bit more gradual.  I got to work early enough that I had time for a quick shower before changing into civies for the day.  Yup, civies day again.  After formation, I got my horn out (and I do mean MY horn since I don’t have a government one yet) and got ready for my first Brass Quintet rehearsal with the 36th Army Band.  Rehearsal wasn’t bad considering I’ve not really played my horn much in the past 8 weeks.  After rehearsal I went to my office and lost track of time.  It was lunchtime before I knew it.  So I ate lunch – and figured out why I was so hungry.  I had brought a snack to eat after I got to work this morning and my kiwi was still in my lunch box.  Oops!  After I was done eating, I stitched for a while.  After lunch, I finished in-processing except for my in brief with Chief (I had been done, but there was one thing I needed to do and that NCO was on leave until today).  Then we had an Ops team meeting to go over the calendar for the next few months.  And then I continued working on my TDY budget planning project.

Soon it was the end of the day and I sent my Ops team home and I got myself ready for my bike ride home.  WHEEEEEE!!! I got on my bike in front of the band hall and pedaled about 4 times and coasted at about 15 mph for the next 3/4 mile to the intersection I needed to turn at.  The rest of my ride went well also and I got home in about 10 minutes less than what it took me to get to work.  Going home was 6.18 miles in 29:18, average pace of 12.7 mph.  At one point, I was going 22.5 mph!  I don’t know quite what going to work was because I forgot to stop my GPS when I got the band hall and it ran for about another 10 minutes before I remembered.

After I got home, I played with Robert for a while and then I got dinner going.  I did some computer stuff while it was in the oven.  After dinner we played some more and then after Robert was in bed, I chatted with my friend S for a while and crocheted.  And I did 2 loads of laundry.  It was a good day.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  80

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