A productive day off

After we got Robert to school this morning, I did a few things on the computer and then I started unpacking some boxes in the craft/guest room.  I was off work today as part of a 4-day pass for the band.  Ryan had headed off to college, his first day, but was home about 1/2 hour after his class started.  His instructor had a death in the family, so someone else was there and just handed out the syllabi and told them to come back on Wednesday.  So he came home and he worked out in the garage, unpacking boxes and getting things more organized.  We had more damage today in our unpacking efforts.  I got a lot of my bear collection unpacked but I think there are more in another box.  I’m pretty sure I have more bears than is on top of the piano right now.  Eventually it was time to walk and pick Robert up from school.  After we had gotten home, we headed out in the van.  The guys dropped me off at a nail place recommended to me by my sponsor/friend KJS and then they went to "The Man Store" (aka Lowe’s).  I got a much-needed and very relaxing pedicure and manicure.  I think I’ve definitely found my nail place for our time here.  After my nails were done, we went to Walmart for kitty litter for the cats, jeans for Ryan, and a backpack for Robert, but they didn’t have any jeans in Ryan’s size so we just got the kitty litter and that’s it.  So we went to Target and they had Ryan’s jeans there and also a Lightning McQueen backpack for Robert and that was on sale!  We also picked up 8 boxes of crayons for a quarter each (we’ll send them to school later in the year when the classroom supply gets low) and some highlighters for Ryan.  Then it was home and I got supper started.  We had lasagna – from freezer to stove to table.  It wasn’t very good, so I think we’ll go back to the other one we’ve had before.  It’s a bit more expensive, but tastes way better.  After we got supper cleaned up, we walked (Robert rode his bike) and got the mail.  Then it was clean up time and bedtime.  Then I stitched for a little while.

Today’s high:  95
Current:  79


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