Half day and a drive to Tucson

This morning started out with my vision and reaction time tests at the Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) so that I can get my military license so I can drive the unit’s vehicles. Once I was done at the TMP – way earlier than planned – I headed to the MP station to drop off a form for a background check to make sure I don’t have any warrants out for my arrest or anything like that. Usually it’s just a 5-10 minute trip and you’re done, but the lady that does them wasn’t in yet. Then I still had plenty of time to kill before formation, so I went exploring a bit. I drove out toward West Gate and found the rodeo arena (yes, on post) and the horse stables. Then I came back and drove the PT test run route. It’s down hill for all but about the last 1/8 mile! That sure will be nice. Then I finally found my way back to the band hall and checked my e-mail and a few other things before formation. After formation, I spent the morning in my office again – working on the budget-planning TDY trips, a few more job requests that came in, etc. Our calendar is starting to fill up! Pretty soon it was lunch time and time to go home for the day. We get Commander’s Time on Friday afternoons, and unless you have shop work you need to do or a gig, you can go home! It was about 1145 or so and I went and saw First Sergeant to do my in-brief with him. Well, I’ve already talked to him a few time "unofficially" so we just sat and talked for a while and he got to know me a little better and stuff – things I like to do, any thoughts I have for the Operations shop, some of his expectations for the unit and for me, etc. It was a nice little chat. Then I headed home and was home in time to walk with Ryan to get Robert from school! He sure was excited when he came out and saw Mommy there waiting for him as well as Daddy. We walked home and then headed out in the van north to Tucson. It’s about an hour and a half away, and not a bad drive at all. We went to The Busy Needle cross stitch store and looked around for a while. I bought the metallic floss I needed so I can finish Lady of the Flag and Ryan picked out a neat chart as well. Hopefully he’ll get back into stitching again. Then we went to Michaels just to look around. I did look at yarn for baby blankets, but they didn’t have the color I need for my next one. Then we went to the Tucson Mall just to walk around. We had planned on finding a Mexican restaurant, but we decided to eat at Red Robin at the mall instead. Lots of good food, and Ryan even had endless steak fries with his burger! I had cantaloupe with mine. And then the drive home – Robert fell asleep in the van and I crocheted until it was too dark to see. It was a good day!

Today’s high: 87
Current: 77


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