Let the Operations begin

This morning I made a weather call at 0515 when my alarm went off.  It was still raining out, so no riding my bike to work today.  I reset my alarm for 0600.  Then I got up and ready and headed to work early for the 0800 formation – my uniform was in my locker at work so I needed to get there early enough to change.  After formation I headed off to my office to keep working on the online trainings that I started yesterday.  It took me a while to fine what I needed – they seem to keep changing websites and then when you find it you have to figure out how to register and then do the course.  At lunch I was going to go swim laps at the pool, but I was going to go with SH (my supervisor in Ops and my group leader for BQ) but he had to go home at lunch to take care of something.  So I ate my lunch and then I stitched.

I’m definitely in charge of Ops now.  I got several taskings that came in to me today.  I was able to approve 2 gigs for Brass Quintet and there are a few others that are pending.  That was kind of neat getting to accept my first tasking.  Except when I went to accept the second one, I remembered that I hadn’t signed the e-mail from the first one.  Oops.  Oh well.  Life goes on.  I also got something for me and my 3 Ops Sergeants to work on for the budget planning going on in supply.  Eventually it was time to go home and I headed out, stopping at the commissary for milk and the shoppette for gas on my way.  Once home, I got changed and relaxed for a tiny bit before we headed to Robert’s school.  They had Kindergarten parents meetings tonight with each of the teachers.  The teacher introduced herself and talked about curriculum and daily schedule and other stuff like that.  It was really good, actually.  She doesn’t believe in holding kids back because others in the class are slower.  So that’s a good thing.  And even though Robert is one of (if not THE) the youngest in his class, he’s  (by our calculations) in the top part of his class academically.  After the meeting was done, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for supper.  But shortly after we got in the parking lot, we turned around and went home.  They were having Bike Night, so we went home so Ryan could ride his bike there.  

It was really busy tonight between Bike Night and a football game.  So our name was called for a table finally – after nearly 1/2 hour.  But, oops.  They had accidentally skipped over the party before us.  So we didn’t get a table.  And then our name was called again and we were shown to a table.  Only the guy that was sitting there had only stepped outside to have a cigarette on the patio.  So we didn’t have a table again.  This time a manager got involved, and I requested that when we finally did get a table, that we get a discount on our meal.  She agreed.  So we FINALLY get a table and we had an awesome server.  We got our food and drinks ordered and they came and we ate.  And then she brought us our bills – the original which was $27.35 and the one with our discounted meal on it for $5.41.  Yes, you read that right.  The only thing we paid for was our drinks.  Our wings were free.  Robert’s meal was free.  I’d say that was a pretty good discount for the table issues we had!!  Then we headed home and got Robert to bed, and now I’m heading that way as well.

Today’s high:  77
Current:  69


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