My first bike ride to work

After getting Robert off to school this morning, I got ready and headed out on my bike.  About 1/2 mile in my GPS watch beeped.  I was like huh??  I don’t have the bike settings set to beep every 1/2 mile.  So I checked the thing and I hadn’t switched it from running to biking.  Darn it!  So as I was riding along, I got my watch reset to bike mode.  Of course, I don’t know how far it really was, but there will be many more rides.  I made it to the gate ok – a little out of breath, but not too bad.  I showed my ID and headed on my way.  That’s when the fun began.  It was all uphill.  I was at about 4640 feet elevation at the gate.  The band hall is almost at 5000 feet elevation.  And it’s about 3.5 miles from the gate to the band hall.  I’ll let you ponder on that one for a bit.  I was in the very lowest gear.  Now I know that when I hit the gate, I also hit the lowest gear – not a mile in.  I did eventually make it to the band hall – very hot, very sweaty, very tired, and very hungry.  Of course, I didn’t have time (or a towel) for a shower.  I couldn’t take a nap.  And I didn’t have any food.  But I got changed from my bike clothes to my "uniform" for the day.

It was civvies day, so I had shorts and a tank top and my sandals.  And then I headed to my first official formation with the 36th Army Band.  After formation I headed to my office and started working on some of the online courses I have to do.  That took until lunch and Ryan met me at the band hall and we headed over to where the Hail & Farewell BBQ was taking place.  Ryan got to meet some of my coworkers and my First Sergeant.  My commander sat at the same table as me and Ryan and my sponsor KJS.  There was lots of good food and we said goodbye to two Soldiers from the band.  After the H & F, it was up to shop heads if you needed to work more for the day, and most everyone headed home.

But we had an Operations (from here on out, Ops) meeting since that’s my new shop.  I met my 3 Soldiers (one for each team) and we talked about what’s going on and coming up.  I think it was productive.  After the meeting, we were done for the day as well.  I was in the latrine getting ready to get changed back into my bike clothes and Ryan called to see if I would like a ride home – it was raining at home.  Raining hard.  I accepted the offer and just put everything in my backpack.  I went back to my office to wait for him.  By the time I got back to my office, it was pouring outside and I was glad Ryan was coming to get me.  Although I was kind of looking forward to the downhill ride home.  🙂  We got my bike in the van and the headed to the commissary for milk and bread and granola bars for me to take to work.  Then it was home to put our old couch (with a broken spring or 2) into the van and brought it to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Ryan had already checked with them earlier in the day so we knew they would take it.  After dropping that off, we headed to the La-Z Boy store to pick up our new couch.  We got that home and in the house.  Now we have a medium brown couch, a blue recliner/rocker, and a dark brown overstuffed chair.  LOL  But our new couch sure is comfy, and Ryan won’t feel like he’s going to fall through to the floor.  I made some dinner for us and after we ate we got Robert to bed since it was already his bedtime.  Then I crocheted for a while.  Time for bed now since I have an early morning tomorrow.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  71

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