This morning I didn’t get to walk Robert to school as I had to leave at 0700 and head to post. I had an in-processing briefing at 0745. WAY different than Ft. Drum. There were THREE of us in the briefing, not the 40 or 50 at Drum. Very nice!! There were about 5 or 6 people from different places that gave us real short briefings and signed our in-processing sheets, we updated our SGLI and Emergency Data sheets and then that was it. We were on our own. Since Finance and Security were in the building next door, I headed there next. At finance I got an appointment for 1250 and then I went upstairs to security. That was a quick stop. Then I headed to the other side of post to go to CIF (Central Issue Facility) and I got a whole 2 things there. I got a poncho and a pistol belt. It’s so nice moving with all my stuff now so I don’t have to turn everything in at one duty station, go to my new duty station, and then get all the same stuff back again. After CIF I headed to the Medical Clinic and spent about 15 minutes there. It was barely 1100 after all that, so I went to the ID card section to take care of business there and then I went to the band hall to eat lunch in the day room. Then I went to my finance appointment and got there early and they took me in early! The lady was really nice and I got my travel settlement and Temporary Living Expense (TLE) paperwork done and that was it. I was DONE with post in-processing except for my Tricare briefing that is at 1400 tomorrow. So I went to the band hall and got a unit in-processing sheet. By the end of the afternoon, I was almost 1/2 done with the unit. I should have no problem finishing tomorrow! I got to meet my new First Sergeant, and "officially" meet my commander (she was one of my instructor’s when I was at BNCOC, and I also saw her out in town one day).

When I got home, Robert came running to meet me at the door and give me a big hug. I always like that. After I got out of uniform, we walked to get the mail (Robert rode his bike) and then home to relax and play. Ryan cooked dinner tonight, so that was really nice! And he worked in the garage today and it looks lots nicer in there. After dinner we played some more before Robert’s bedtime and then after he was in bed, I stitched.

Today’s high: 89
Current: 74

Here’s a video of Robert playing on our pile of empty and broken down boxes this evening:


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