Outdoor Church Service

I was up about 0615 this morning but laid in bed until about 0630.  No more sleep, so I got up and went for a run (I had my alarm set for 0700 to do that anyway).  My first run in Arizona went well.  I went 2.46 miles in 26:42, a 10:51 pace.  Slow, but it was my first run at 4550 feet and it was 70 degrees when I headed out.  But I got out there!!  It sure felt good.  When I got back, I enjoyed the quiet in the house with both of the guys still sleeping.  Robert got up about 1/2 hour after I got back and we watched cartoons together while I checked my e-mail and stuff.  Ryan woke up shortly before 0900.  I got a nice cool shower and then got the cooler packed – deviled eggs we bought yesterday, our drinks, and I put our plates/silverwear in there just for someplace to put them.  And then we headed out to post to the Lower Garden Canyon for our church service.  It was an outdoor service this morning and it was absolutely beautiful out there.  I wish I had brought my camera, but I didn’t.  It was a nice sunny blue sky with a slight breeze so the 80+ degree temps weren’t too bad.  The service was really nice even though we didn’t have bulletins.  We even had Communion out there.  After the service we had a church picnic with TONS of food that everyone brought.  After Robert finished eating, he had fun playing on the little playground with the other kids.  Ryan talked to a couple of the older gentlemen of the church about Army stuff, and I talked to a couple of the ladies about music stuff – church choir, handbells, special music, etc. 

After we left, we drove through the canyon a little more just go see it, and then we headed to the commissary for a gallon of milk.  At $1.90 a gallon, it’s way worth it to get it from the commissary, even though it was on the other side of post from where we were.  Then it was home and Ryan went out for a bike ride and Robert and I had quiet time.  I did a little bit on my computer, but then I took about a 45 minute nap.  Ryan got home just as I was getting up, and I got laundry started.  We tried to watch the NASCAR race that we had Tivo’ed, but it was rained out yet again and will be run tomorrow.  I called Mom and Dad and we talked for a while, and I got most of dinner ready while on the phone with them.  I made Monterrey Chicken for dinner – really quick and easy in the microwave.  It turned out really good, and even Robert said "Mommy, this is the best chicken ever!"  How cool is that!  After dinner, we got everything cleaned up and Robert got his toys back into his room and Ryan did bedtime routine.  I chatted with my friend A, and I harvested Ryan’s pumpkins on FarmTown (on Facebook).  Then I stitched for a while.  I’m at a really boring part on the project I’m working on – rows and rows of all the same color.  At least I’m almost done with that part – only 4 rows left.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  80


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