Back in uniform

After getting Robert to school, we got Ryan’s computer desk into the van to take to the church for their yard sale tomorrow.  He doesn’t need it anymore since he doesn’t use his desktop computer.  He has a gaming laptop, so he can do everything on there.  That freed up a little bit more room in the garage.  Once our claims process is done from our household goods damage, the garage will be lots more empty since the majority of the damaged stuff is in the garage right now.  I spent the morning playing on my computer and then about 10 I got into uniform and ready to head out to post.  I got to the band hall and had to wait for a bit as the band was at a gig and they weren’t back yet.  I got a see a couple of old friends and it was nice getting hugs from people at my new unit.  There a SFC that I served with at Ft. Jackson, a fellow SSG trombone player that I served with in Korea (didn’t see him today, though), a SSG that I went to BNCOC with, and of course SSG S that I served with at Ft. Drum.  I talked to the Admin guy and the person he needed to take me and another new SSG to see at Garrison wasn’t there and wouldn’t be back until around 1300.  So Ryan and I headed to the little diner at the bowling alley for lunch and then we went to the museum.  Ryan wants to talk to the curator to see about volunteering there.  Then it was back to the band hall and Ryan dropped me off and headed home to get Robert from school.  Me and the other SSG waited in the Admin office and our admin guy finally got ahold of who we needed to see and took us over to Garrison to be "arrived" to Ft. Huachuca.  So I’m officially here now.  I’ll begin my inprocessing on Monday morning.  Ryan and Robert were back at the band hall when we got back, and we headed to the commissary for food for the upcoming week.  Then it was home and I went with Robert for a bike ride (he rode, I walked).  We went probably close to a mile – I’ll have to measure it on my bike someday.  He sure loves riding his bike.  Ryan went to Lowe’s to get a few light bulbs and stuff.  When he got home, I made tacos for dinner and then Robert had bathtime.  After he was in bed, I stitched.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  80


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