I am the mother of a Kindergartner!

This morning was an early morning. I was up about 0630 and Robert’s alarm went off at 0645. I got Ryan up and we all had cereal for breakfast together. I finished packing Robert’s lunch and got his lunch box in his backpack. He got his teeth brushed and all ready to go and we headed outside. We took some first day of school pictures, to kind of carry on my family’s tradition. Each year on the first day of school, Dad would take pictures of my brother and I by the same window of our house to see how much we had grown since the last year. Well, since we’ll probably move 2-3 more times before Robert graduates, we took one picture of him by our cactus (his choice) and then we took pictures of him in front of Ryan and myself. Then he got his bike helmet on and we headed off to the school, us walking and him on his bike. Once at the school, he had a little bit of time to play on the playground before it was time to line up with his classmates and head inside. The teachers meet their students outside each day and they all go in to their classroom together. We said our goodbyes and he headed off to Kindergarten.

Ryan and I headed home and I only cried a very few tears. After a little while on our computers, we began tackling boxes. I worked in our bedroom and Ryan worked in the craft/guest room. Our stack of broken down empty boxes got much bigger today, but we still have a ways to go. Soon it was time to walk back to the school to pick Robert up at the end of the day. The school day goes from 0800 to 1345. The kindergartners are actually dismissed at 1335. Robert was leading his classmates out to the parent pick up area!! He got to be a class leader on his first day. He had a great time! Ryan took us to Chili’s for dinner tonight and Robert talked non-stop between his bites of grilled cheese. I’m glad that he enjoys school!

After we got home, we relaxed together for a little while and then Robert headed to bed. I stitched for a little while and now I’m off to bed.

Today’s high: 96
Current: 80

Pictures of Robert’s first day of Kindergarten


One thought on “I am the mother of a Kindergartner!

  1. Off the school

    I can hardly believe that Robert is old enough to go to kindergarten–seems like only yesterday that you were expecting him. He is really a handsome little boy and I know that you two are proud of him.

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