More unpacking and the test

I was up about 0830 this morning and I just let everyone sleep in until whenever.  Robert was up shortly after I was and Ryan got up at almost 11.  Ryan went out for a bike ride and to run a couple of errands.  I got a call from the school district and Robert had to take the Kindergarten Skills test afterall.  I wasn’t too happy about that, but I talked to Robert about the test and he seemed excited about it.  I also called my Property Management Company back in New York to check on the status of our house and it was rented as of 1 Aug!!!  It’s another military family, 3 teenage kids and no pets, so it was perfect for them.  The kids don’t want to mow a lawn and dad is deploying next month and they don’t want to have to worry much about shoveling snow.  So that’s another thing we don’t have to worry about!!  I finished unpacking my kitchen this morning and then while waiting to go for Robert’s test, I unpacked 3 boxes and got stuff hung up in our closet.  Then we headed to the Elementary school where the teacher gives the tests.  We went to her classroom (she’s a preschool teacher) and Robert got to play for a while while Ryan and I answered some questions about Robert.  Then Robert cleaned up the toys he had been playing with and Ryan and I left the room.  Robert and the teacher were just one-on-one and he had different puzzles to do, following directions, repeating back what the teacher said, make up a story from pictures, draw a picture, write his name, some motor skills stuff like hopping and balancing on one foot, etc.  Ryan and I think he did well (we were listening in and peeking through the little window in the door), but we’ll find out tomorrow morning when we pick the results up at 0800.  Keeping our fingers crossed here – he’s sooooooooooo excited about going to Kindergarten, and we REALLY don’t want him in preschool for another year (nor can we afford daycare/preschool for another year).

Then we headed to a park for Robert to play for a while and they have a running/fitness loop.  I might have to go back there sometime and try out the fitness stuff.  After the playground and a quick stop at the grocery store for garlic bread, it was home and I made spaghetti for dinner.  It was our first real meal in our new house.  Robert got a bath after dinner and then he called Gramma and Grampa to talk to them for a little while.  I started a new crochet project and chatted with my friend A.  Time for bed now. . .

Today’s high:  98
Current:  80

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