Another full day

We slept in some this morning again.  I was up shortly after 9 – I *almost* got up to go run this morning.  LOL  Ryan got up a little after 10 and it was almost 1030 when Robert appeared out of his room.  We all had breakfast and did computer stuff.  Then we headed out.  Our first stop was at the Verizon store to change our phone numbers to Arizona numbers.  We don’t have to change them, but we like having local numbers.  If you would like my new cell number, just send me an e-mail.  Then we saw the VA office, so we stopped in there for Ryan to get his stuff changed there and got a doctor’s appointment (just a get to know you kind of one) made.  And then we went to Bella Vista Elementary School to register Robert for Kindergarten.  I was a little worried because his birthday is the cut-off date, but they accepted him!!!!  So now Robert is officially a Kindergartner and will be starting school on Thursday.  Yes, this Thursday.  Yes, they start school REALLY early here.  Our next stop was out on post for Ryan to look into their motorcycle course they have.  Good news on that – once he gets the certificate from the course, he takes it to the DMV and gets a motorcycle license.  No learner’s permit.  No stupid test that he can’t study for!!!!

Back off post to get Robert registered for after-school care.  It’s done through the Sierra Vista Parks and Recreation, and is an activity-based care.  Robert will be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays which are Ryan’s long days for his classes.  It’s only $40 a week, so not super bad.  And then we went to a couple of bike shops to find a bicycle for me.  The second shop we went to had a used road bike and the bike plus a new helmet, better seat, different tires, and clips for my pedals came to just a few pennies over what my budgeted amount was!!  It’s a pretty nice bike even though it’s older and used.  It’s white and has red handlebar wraps – when I have more money, I’ll get new wraps and get purple if I can.  It’s a 12 speed.  I’m looking forward to riding to work and starting training for a triathlon sometime.  I’ll have to get a better pic of it.  The one I took with my phone didn’t come out very good.

Next we went to a Military Surplus Store and Ryan looked at everything and talked for a long time with the owner.  Then we went out to post again to eat a late lunch/early dinner (it was almost 1600) at a little 50’s/60’s diner that’s in the bowling alley.  Really good food and super good prices.  We’ll definitely be eating there again.  After we ate, we went to the furniture store on post to look at couches.  Ours has some broken things on one end and it’s not something that can easily be repaired.  Nothing really at the furniture store.  We stopped at the PX and got a new outfit for Robert’s first day of school and school supplies for him (a box of 8 fat crayons – yay.  Robert has been using normal/skinny crayons for over a year now) and and Ryan (notebooks, one for each of his 4 classes).  Then we headed back off post to the Discount Furniture store that I had seen the other day.  They had some nice couches, but nothing that really said "buy me".  So then we went to the Lazy Boy store in town and we ended up finding a couch that we all liked and was within our budget.  We’ll go back tomorrow and pay for it.  

Then it was finally home and I made Robert a pb & j and he had part of a banana with it.  He also called Uncle Rick to tell him about Kindergarten (don’t worry Mom & Dad – Robert said he would call Gramma & Grampa tomorrow).   Ryan got him to bed shortly after that.  I’ve spent the evening on the computer chatting with my friend A and I stitched for about 30 minutes.  Almost time for bed now.

Today’s high:  98
Current:  82


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