House hunting

I didn’t set an alarm for this morning.  I figured we could all use the sleep after so many days of late nights and early mornings and lots of driving.  I woke up about 0830 and I let Ryan sleep until about 0930 or so.  We had Cheerios for breakfast in the room, and after some computer time, we headed out.  Our first stop was the housing office here on post, and we submitted our form for on-post housing (electric, water, heat, and trash all included in the "rent" and no security deposit, pet deposit, etc.).  We also got a few places to go check for off post houses to rent.  We headed to one of them and got a new list from them and there were 7 on there that caught our eye.  So we made an appointment for tomorrow to go look inside some of them and then we drove around and looked at all 7 of them.  The first one we looked at got crossed off right away – crooked garage door, blue tarp flapping on the roof.  Uh, no.  The second one we looked at became our number 1 choice for tomorrow, and remained that way for the rest of the looking.  Most are 3 bedroom, 2 bath, but one of our top 3 is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath.  All 3 of our top 3 have 2 car garages and 2 out of the 3 have swamp coolers which are more efficient than A/C.  After we were done looking at them, we went to a little 50’s and 60’s diner we saw, called The Diner.  They had pretty good food and the sandwiches were HUGE.  Even Ryan couldn’t finish his.  Of course, with the heat and us not used to it yet, we weren’t really hungry.  Then we went to Cochise College where Ryan will be attending school and he met with an advisor and got his class schedule figured out for the semester.  He’ll be taking one class on Monday and Wednesday and three classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  That will be nice for him volunteering out on post – at the museum or otherwise.  And we’ll only need to figure out after-school care for Robert for Tuesdays and Thursdays!!  

Once we were done with all that, we came back to the room and walked to the PX.  Ryan got a haircut and I bought a few more things I remembered we needed.  Then Robert played on the little playground outside where we’re staying and I crocheted a bit while I watched him.  My sponsor stopped by with a piece of mail that Dad had sent for us – Ryan’s new drivers license (of the MI variety) and our Savings Bonds.  After we came in, I made Robert a pb & j sandwich and we ended up sharing it.  He had another bath and I finally got all my pictures done and ready to upload to Facebook, but that will probably be tomorrow.

Today’s high:  98
Current:  81