Final Travel Day!!!!

We left Albuquerque this morning after breakfast at the hotel and getting the car loaded.  I got the cats drugged in record time this morning – less than 5 minutes for both cats!!  I guess practice pays off.  We drove to Arizona, and even Robert was excited when I pointed out the "Welcome to Arizona" sign!  We got to Sierra Vista around mid-afternoon and got the cats dropped off at the vet/kennel and then we headed to Ft. Huachuca.  My sponsor met us at the gate and we followed her to the Army Lodging office and we got checked in.  Then she led us to where our room is (a different building than where the office is).  She pointed out other places on our map – the band hall, museum, PX, commissary, etc.  She is the best sponsor I’ve had at any of my units in my 10 year career.  She left and we got stuff out of the van.  After we relaxed for a little while, we walked to the PX (it’s just across the parking lot from where we are) and got a few things and then brought them back to the room.  And then we went to the shoppette (since the commissary closed at 6 and it was just about that when we got back from the PX) and got some food for our room – cereal, milk, stuff for sandwiches, etc.  I got laundry going and then made pb & j’s for me and Robert.  Ryan made his own sandwiches.  It’s nice to be done with traveling for a while – tomorrow the serious house hunting begins.

Over the past 18 days since we left New York, we drove 3554 miles (most of them by Ryan – I can claim maybe 15 of them).  We drove through 10 states and part of Canada.  We slept in 7 different hotels or houses.  I cross stitched.  I crocheted.  I knitted.  I napped.  Robert watched countless movies and the portable DVD player.  The cats were drugged 8 mornings for travel.  I saw 2 friends that I’ve not seen in a while.  Potty accidents:  Cats – 0, Robert – 0.  I’d say that’s a pretty good score!  Pictures taken – probably close to 200.  I need to get them all named and uploaded.  We saw farmlands.  We saw open plains.  We saw little mountains.  We drove on twisty, curvy roads at 15 mph.  We saw miles and miles of nothing, not even other cars sometimes.  We saw BIG mountains – the Rockies.  We saw desert.  Robert saw his first cactus – on Ft. Huachuca.

Chapter 4 of my Army life is officially complete.  Chapter 5 begins tomorrow when we start looking for a place to live here.

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