Travel Day – Denver to Albuquerque

This morning we got up and found and drugged the cats and got the van loaded up and said goodbye to Darrell.  It was great seeing him again, and hopefully it won’t be another 13 or so years until we see each other again.  Thanks for your hospitality!!!  We headed south to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  At one point it was 93 degrees and then we hit a rain storm and it was 65.  But then we drove out of the rain and it was back up to 90 again.  It was a nice drive, and through the mountains so that was kind of cool.  We got to the Days Inn hotel in Albuquerque without incident and after getting checked in and relaxing for a bit, we walked to a nearby Applebee’s for dinner.  My friend A met us there and we treated her to dinner.  It was great getting to see her again after 3 1/2 years.  After dinner, we all walked back to our hotel room and she got to see the cats.  And she had some neat gifts for Robert and some stitching stuff for me.  Thanks A!!  Then she and I went to Walmart and I bought her some groceries to help her out.  I also got Robert some arm swimmie/floatie things and some goggles.  After bringing A to her apartment and visiting with her for a little while, I headed back to the hotel and we went to the pool and Robert had a blast in the water, and actually swam on his own with the help of the floatie things!!!  

Now it’s time for bed and one last day of driving tomorrow.

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