LONG Travel Day

This morning we finished getting the van loaded, got the cats drugged and into their carriers – no small feat this morning.  Mom & Dad’s house is pretty big and lots of places for the cats to hide.  For once, Callie was the easier of the two.  Shadow decided to hide under the treadmill, but we finally got her out and into her carrier.  And she only scratched me in 3 places while attempting the drugs.  And then we got on the road.  We stopped for lunch in a small town in Wisconsin at a little drive-in restaurant.  YUMMY!!!  They had really good food and LOTS of it for decent prices.  And then we drove and drove and drove.  We stopped a few times for potty breaks and to stretch our legs, etc.  I learned that I really should have gotten a hotel reservation for tonight.  Number one, we didn’t have an end-destination, and number two when we finally got to an area with hotels and we were super tired from a long day in the car, the first 3 hotels we tried accepted pets but didn’t have any pet rooms available.  We finally found a Comfort Inn and Suites in Northwood, Iowa – about 15 miles south of where we wanted to be.  But they accept pets, had a pet room available, have a pool and hot tub, free wireless internet, and free breakfast.  Plus there’s a buffet restaurant right next door (attached actually – along with a casino) so we went there for dinner after we got checked in and the suitcases and cats in the room.  It was a really good buffet and Robert got to eat for free so that was even better.  After we ate, we headed to the pool and hot tub.  There was another family in there and Ryan ended up talking to the parents most of the time and Robert had a ton of fun playing with their 2 kids (a boy and a girl, both older than Robert).  They were really good about sharing their beach ball and pool noodles with him, and being nice to him just sitting or standing on the steps in the shallow end.  We were probably in the pool area for a good hour.  It was a lot of fun, and relaxing after sitting in the car all day.

Off to bed now, and another long drive tomorrow.

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