Church with the family, jam, and pasties

This morning we got up kind of early for church.  Mom and Robert and I headed out a bit earlier than the rest since Mom and I were singing with the choir and we had to be there 1/2 hour before the service started to warm up/rehearse with the choir (which is mostly females members of our family, but a few others as well).  The service was really nice – back in the church that my brother and I were Baptized in when we were babies.  It’s always nice going there, and most everyone remembers us even though we rarely attend there anymore.  It was favorite hymn Sunday so there were extra hymns during the service, and that was nice.  Good fellowship after the service as well, other than having to say goodbye to my aunts and cousins until Christmas.  Once we got home, I got laundry started – first a batch of sauna towels and then 2 batches of our clothes.  Ryan and Dad and I got the van unloaded and reloaded so that everything fits, including our grandfather clock that we’re getting from Mom and Dad.  I can’t wait to have that up and running in our house in AZ (of course, still need to get a house, and the clock most likely needs a new movement that Dad will send to us once he gets it).  I love hearing clocks chiming and cuckooing in the house.  After laundry was done, I got all our clothes folded and suitcases packed.  I packed differently this time so we don’t have to lug 3 suitcases into hotels for the next week.  I put 7 days worth of clothes for the 3 of us into my small suitcase, and the swimsuits and towels into Robert’s little suitcase.  Everything extra, plus one of my crocheting bags (now empty as I’ve mailed out a couple of projects), plus the backpack that the swimsuits and stuff was in, plus the backpack that my running clothes and stuff was in (all that’s in the big suitcase as well, but not in the backpack) all fit into the big suitcase which will remain in the car until AZ.  Yay me!!

Sometime in the afternoon Robert and I helped Mom make strawberry freezer jam.  It’s quick!!  And Mom’s letting us take a jar or two of jam from last year with us.  Yummy!!!  After everything else was done, we all helped to make pasties for dinner.  Ryan peeled the potatoes, Rick cut them into pieces, Robert helped Grampa chop the carrots with Mom’s Pampered Chef chopper, I made the pie crust, and mom put everything together and baked them.  They were sooooooooooo good for dinner!!!  I really need to do at least pasty pie once in a while.  In the evening, I got a cross stitch piece framed and just relaxed.  And we had sauna to end the night.

Off to bed now and driving tomorrow.

Today’s high:  68
Current:  55

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