Strawberries, Grandparents, and Girls Night Out

This morning Ryan, Robert, and I got up early and were out the door by 0730 to head to a local strawberry farm to pick berries for Mom.  It was Ryan’s and Robert’s first time picking strawberries and we all had fun.  We had 10 quarts picked in about half hour, and Robert even picked a quart almost by himself.  The mosquitos did make a feast of me, but that’s nothing new.  Mosquitos really like me, I guess.  After we had paid for the berries ($1.35 a quart!) and got them into our containers in the van, we headed to the Trenary Home Bakery to pick up a loaf of bread for mom for dinner tomorrow.  Boy did that smell good as soon as we opened the van doors to get out.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm  Nothing like the smell of fresh baked (and baking) bread!  We were home by shortly after 9.  After a while, Dad and I cleaned all the strawberries and got them in the fridge.  After lunch, Ryan, Rick, Robert, and I headed to Grandma & Grandpa’s to visit with them for a while, and bring them a quart of strawberries we had picked for them.  Then we went next door to Aunt Carol’s and her in-laws were there as well as one of her nieces.  N and I went to 1st grade together and used to be good friends.  It was nice catching up with her again.  Her husband’s name is also Ryan.  After they all left, Aunt Carol showed us their new camper.  It’s pretty neat how it all folds up into a small trailer.

Then it was home for a while again and I finished mowing the yard.  Then when Mom came home from work, Rick and Ryan headed to Marquette to watch a play (Guys on Ice) and Mom and I went out and Dad took Robert out.  Mom and I had a Girls Night Out, or Multi-Generation Girl Cousins Night Out.  It was me and Mom, my 3 girls cousins and 1 girl cousin-in-law with her daughter, my two aunts, and mom/aunts’ cousin.  We went to the Up North Lodge and we had a great time laughing and talking and eating way too much.  Of course, after we had all eaten way too much for dinner, we had dessert.  What a great evening!!!  After we got home, I got Robert into bed and then I did computer stuff for a little bit and then i stitched on Lady of the Flag for a bit more (I had stitched on her during the afternoon when Robert was playing his Playhouse Disney games on my computer).

Today’s high:  62 (and this is the middle of July????)
Current:  55


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