Old friends and strawberries

This morning after we were up and had breakfast, we headed to the park in Gwinn.  My best friend from middle school and high school, HB,  met us there with her younger son.  We haven’t seen each other in probably 10 years, and we had lost touch with each other as well.  We got back in touch through Facebook around September last year and we’ve not been able to get together until now.  The boys had a great time playing in the park, and H and I had a great time getting caught up from the years.  And Ryan got to meet her as well.  The boys played and we chatted for well over an hour and then we all went to Subway for lunch and more chatting.  It sure was a great morning!!!  Then we came home and relaxed for a while.  Ryan and Robert and I went for a boat ride around the lake and that was lots of fun.  Then we lazed around the house more before heading to the Strawberry Social at our church here.  Mom came from work and met us there and Rick met us there as well – he’s up for the weekend.  They had different kinds of cake and then ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream.  It was really good.  Then Robert and I rode home with Mom and we stopped at the grocery store to get stuff to make subs for supper.  Nothing like having dessert first!!  Once we got home, we all had subs for supper.  Dad had lit the sauna, so that was a nice way to end the day.  Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high:  66
Current:  52

Pictures for you (just click on the links):
Mountainfest 2009 at Ft. Drum
Niagara Falls
Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, MI
The Mystery Spot and other stuff in the U.P. of MI


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