Mowing and Running

I slept in until about 0930 this morning.  That sure was nice.  Ryan slept until about 1130.  Robert was already up and watching cartoons when I got up.  Robert and I had breakfast together and then I did my computer stuff.  After Ryan got up and did computer stuff, he and dad went into town to get gas and oil for the boat motor and Ryan also mailed a few things for me at the post office.  While they were gone I got started on mowing Mom & Dad’s lawn using our lawn mower which we’re leaving for them.  It was nice mowing over the small sticks and pine cones with the mulching mower instead of having to pick them all up before mowing.  I got the driveway side and the front yard done.  I still have the other side to do, including the long grass by the OLD swingset.  Robert played on the swingset some and I told him that we got the swingset when I was his age.  He just looked at me with wide eyes and asked "Mommy, you were 4???"  LOL  He went out for a boat ride with Ryan and Dad and really enjoyed it.  Once I finished mowing, I came back in to relax for a while.  Ryan went to the grocery store for some dinner rolls for tonight and stuff for him to cook dinner tomorrow night.  When he got back, I went for a 2.31 mile run.  It was my first run since 16 June.  It’s been way too long and it felt good to be back out.  It took me 24:01 to run it, but I’ll take the 10:24 pace for my first run in a month.  I also finally got to try out my new running skirt that I bought at Target some time back.  I really like it, and the little built-in shorts it has underneath it provide a bit more coverage than my SkirtSports running skirt.  So now I have 2 skirts I can run in.  Someday I’d like to get the WonderGirl Running Dress (in the pink crush print).

Shortly after my run Mom got home from work, and I helped her make meatloaf for dinner.  Robert helped a little as well by scrubbing the potatoes for the baked potatoes.  Dinner was really good and after dinner, we played for a little while.  It was Ryan’s turn for bedtime tonight, and not 5 minutes after he came down from tucking Robert in, I went upstairs for some scrap yarn from Mom’s stash, and I peeked in on Robert and he was sound asleep.  I guess 2 boat rides and helping Grampa pick up sticks by the swingset tired him out.  I used the scrap yarn to try and figure out a crochet pattern, but both Mom and I were unsuccessful.  Then I stitched for a while and watched TV with Mom & Dad.

Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high:  75
Current:  64


One thought on “Mowing and Running

  1. Yay for such a good run!! I like my running dress, but it’s not the wonder girl. Russ bought me a white one with some green detail. It’s sheer so I need to wear compression shorts underneath, but I like it better that way, anyway, because it helps alleviate chafing.

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