Travel Day and The Mystery Spot

We got ready to go this morning and said our goodbyes to Rick (for a few days).  We headed north and had a long, but uneventful drive.  We stopped at the Clare Welcome Center for a potty break and then at Burger King in Gaylord a bit later for lunch.  Once we got across the Mackinac Bridge and headed west, we stopped at The Mystery Spot and enjoyed the tour there.  Robert really loved it, and Ryan’s never been there either.  And it’s been YEARS since I was there – probably 25 or more years.  After the tour, we went and played 18 holes of mini golf and also walked through a really neat and well-done maze.  It was a fun little tourist stop on our way home.  Soon after we left St. Ignace, we stopped alongside the road to go down to the Lake Michigan beach.  There were people swimming in the water.  Brrrrrrrrrr.  It wasn’t even all that warm today – maybe in the mid-70’s.  Ryan and Robert let their feet get wet, but not me.  I knew it would be cold.  It was a fun little stop though.  Then we had a detour as they are working on the Cut River Bridge.  Well, we were about 2 miles from getting back on the highway and we came to a complete stop.  Like put it in park and turn the car off kind of complete stop.  We were probably there for 15 minutes or so.  There were cars coming the other way, so we wondered what was going on.  We finally got going again and saw what the problem was.  It was a super windy day, and a tree had blown onto the power lines.  Two of the lines were broken and the tree was hanging on the third one over the road.  There were some official people at the site helping the traffic get through.  So we finally got back going and stopped for gas in Manistique and then got home about 1845.  Mom got home from work and grocery shopping about the same time.  Dad helped Mom bring the groceries in, and we got our van unloaded with the stuff we’ll need for the next week.  We decided to leave our lawn mower and shop vac here with dad to free up some room in the van.  I helped Mom make pizza for supper, and we spent the evening visiting and relaxing.  We ended the night with sauna and that’s always nice!!


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