Outside Church and the Zoo

This morning’s Church service at my brother’s church was outside! It was Worship Team Sunday, and a little more contemporary than a traditional service. I enjoyed playing with the worship team, and my special music during the offering was well-received. It was a very nice service, and the weather was absolutely beautiful for an outdoor service. After the service, we headed home to change and then we went to the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing. It’s a really nice zoo with lots and lots of exhibits. Robert got to ride on a camel and a pony and we all had a great time. Robert got to pet goats and baby chicks and bunnies at the petting zoo. It was an awesome way to spend the afternoon. Then it was home to get the van rearranged and reloaded and Rick made pizza (frozen, but then he cooked it so it wasn’t frozen) for supper. After we ate, we attempted to watch the shuttle launch which ended up being postponed due to the weather. Then we went to the ice cream place for our Sunday treat. After we got home and got Robert to bed, I stitched and we all watched TV. I finished Time & Season Sampler by Moira Blackburn. It took me 166 hours to stitch. I started it in Iraq last June.

Thanks for a great weekend Rick!!!

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Today’s high: 78
Current: 57

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