Travel Day – Canada to Michigan

We slept in this morning and then got the van packed and ready to go.  We checked out of the hotel and headed to IHOP for breakfast again.  We ended up with the same server we had yesterday morning, and the first thing we did when she asked us if she could get us started with something to drink, was to ask for the manager.  So the manager came out and she was really nice.  We briefly explained what had happened yesterday and asked to be moved to a new table, but the manager just assigned us a different server.  MUCH MUCH MUCH better.  And at the end of the meal, the server AND the manager came to bring us our check and also brought 2 comment cards so we could fill one out for yesterday and one for today.  Ryan and I both wrote on the one for yesterday – filled up the back completely.  When we were back in the parking lot getting in the van, we saw the manager sitting on the back steps reading the comment cards.  

Our drive across Canada was pretty uneventful.  Not bad traffic and no problems going through Customs.  Of course, it took us probably an hour to get across the bridge and through Customs because there was so much traffic.  And of course, Robert had to go potty about in the middle of the bridge.  Once we got in line for Customs, Ryan got him out quick and he peed in front of the van.  The cats are traveling well and we actually made it to Rick’s with neither of them throwing up in their carriers.  Of course, getting the drugs into them before we left was kind of interesting.  But I managed.

Once we got to Rick’s, we got stuff unloaded from the van including the snowblower which will now be residing with Rick, and then we headed to Culver’s for dinner.  We went in Rick’s car so we didn’t have to try and figure out how to fit Rick in the van.  After we ate, we went to Walmart to buy kitty litter and a few other things, and I found a new pair of sandals.  Now Robert is in bed and we’re relaxing.


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