The final day!!!

My final out was super easy this morning.  I was in the Soldier Service complex all of 15 minutes, and that was to clear Housing, Finance, and do my Final Out with the Reassignment Branch!!  Then I stopped at Army Community Services to return the stuff that we had borrowed from the lending closet.  Off to Battalion to give them a copy of my cleared clearing papers.  Stopped at the band hall to bring a copy of my clearing papers there and a check to pay for my yearbook from the deployment.  Then to Church to bring some stuff for the food pantry and say goodbye to my friend AW who is the secretary.  Went with Pastor to his bank to do the wire transfer to pay for the truck – he bought it from us!!!!  And then home to finish packing, clearing the house, etc.  We finished gathering up all the trash and Ryan got his truck loaded for a last trip to the dump (another 350 pounds).  While he was gone I brought the cats to the vet to be kenneled overnight.  Then it was home to get everything into the garage and then into the van.  The cleaning crew came shortly after 1300 and got right to work.  They were fast and did a great job!  They were gone by about 1630, and they cleaned the entire house – windows, carpets, ceiling fans, light fixtures, everything.  Ryan managed to get everything into the van and we headed to the church to bring the truck and keys to Pastor.  Then it was off to Condino Motors to say goodbye to them and thank them for taking such good care of our vehicles over the past 3 years.  They are great people and we’re going to miss them.  And then a stop at Stefano’s Pizza for a last meal there – our favorite pizza/Italian place in town.  We finally headed out of town and got a hotel room near post and finally got to relax for the evening.  I did some computer stuff and then I stitched for a little bit and now I’m heading to bed.  Robert is still awake and he’s been in his bed for almost an hour an a half.  His choice – he said he was tired, but now he’s not.  This is going to be an interesting trip to AZ if he won’t go to sleep in hotel rooms.

Today’s high:  68 (they call this summer???)
Current:  56

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