Water Safari

Today we relaxed and went to Water Safari, a huge water park about an hour from here.  The weather forecast wasn’t too promising, but we got there and got 3 1/2 hours of nice sunshiney weather.  We went on lots of the rides and slides, including their new one, The Curse of the Silverback.  Robbie went on a few of the family rides with us, and also some kiddie water slides.  We had a great time and when it started POURING, we decided that we weren’t going to try and wait it out and got changed and headed home.  We stopped at a local diner in the town before we came home.  Robert slept most of the way home, and I slept a little bit as well.  We stopped at the local hardware store for a few last things and then to the ER for Ryan.  He hit the water HARD coming off one of the slides, and his tailbone was really hurting.  So Robert and I left him there and came home to start working on the house.  Huge contractor trash bags, and a couple of boxes for things we’re keeping.  I got the top two floors done.

Then we had 2 people come over to look at the truck – a couple from Sackets Harbor who saw the ad in the paper and our pastor and his wife.  Pastor and his wife will be buying our truck, and we’re very thankful for that.  Ryan walked home from the hospital (it’s all of a mile) and Robert and I met him at the corner drugstore.  He bought a donut to sit on – he has a fractured tailbone.  Nice timing right before we’re about to drive across the country.  And you can’t exactly put a cast on a tailbone.  He’ll be fine, though.  We went for ice cream for our last time here – I had the jumbo size one.  It’s 10 turns of ice cream.  I did manage to eat the whole thing!  It was HUGE.  Then it was home to continue cleaning and get Robert up to bed.  The kitchen is done.  The garage is mostly done.  The living room is mostly done.  And then I went up to take some Benydryl – ack!!!  Medicine cabinets.  Most of that stuff will just get dumped into the suitcase that the towels and stuff are going in.  I’m heading to bed now since it’s after midnight and I have an early morning tomorrow.

Today’s high:  72
Current:  59


2 thoughts on “Water Safari

  1. Ack! I’m sorry to hear about Ryan’s tailbone! I’ve definitely had some hard hits in waterparks as well and can feel his pain. I always managed to bounce on the slide right before heading into the water–it gets *so* sore after a while!
    I also would have opted for the jumbo ice cream if it was the last time I’d be getting it. Good luck with everything!!

  2. I feel for Ryan. I broke my tailbone about 15 years ago in a slip down the basement stairs, slipped on the top step and landed on the bottom step. I still have problems with certain types of seats, especially uncushioned ones if I have to sit in them for any length of time. The car we had at the time of the break had the worst seats for a sore tailbone. I wish that I had thought of a donut or that my Dr had recommended one.


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