Farewell Picnic and more painting

I slept in a little this morning and then we just relaxed until it was time to leave.  We stopped at the grocery store for cookies since that’s what we signed up to bring and we couldn’t bake them.  Then we headed to Remington Park on post for a Hail & Farewell Picnic/Family Day.  It was nice seeing all the band with their families out there and there was TONS of food and lots of good conversations.  All the kids had lots of fun playing with squirt guns and balls and stuff.  After everyone had eaten, the command team welcomed several new Soldiers to the unit, and presented awards and plaques to SFC JG, SSG JC, SSG JN, SSG TB, SGT JG, and myself to say farewell to us as we go to new duty stations.  I was awarded my 7th Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM).  The plaque is pretty cool with a picture of the band and the Division Song on it.  Although on the old plaques it was the actual part that the Soldier played.  The new ones seem to just have the 1st Trumpet part.  Oh well, it’s still a cool plaque.  Then was the fun part.  The team leaders and First Sergeant and the Commander got pies in their faces.  Soldiers and Family members got to buy tickets for a chance, and then they were drawn to see who would get to do the pies.  It was a lot of fun to watch and I got a few pictures that I plan on putting up on Facebook soon.  After everything was done, we stopped at the PX for a few things and then home to start painting.  Robert and I worked on the porch a bit more – and then it started to rain again.  Ryan was working on the trim work upstairs and I went up and took over the paint roller and got Robert’s room done (first coat), a few spots in the spare room across from Robert’s, and then the stairwell and hallway down to the 2nd floor.  It looks a lot better now – especially since some of Robert’s "artwork" is gone.  More tomorrow. . .  After Robert had a bath and was in bed, I crocheted on a baby blanket and we watched Stripes that Ryan had Tivoed last night.

Today’s high:  76
Current:  61

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