I walked to Condino’s Motors this morning to pick up my van.  It was just being finished up so I chatted with the ladies that work there for a little bit and then I headed in to formation.  I sent a text message to my Team Leader to let her know that I was probably going to be late, but I actually ended up getting there with about a minute to spare.  After formation, I finished clearing supply, to include turning in my key to the building.  Then my Team Leader did my vehicle inspection for the upcoming 4-day weekend (and hopefully for the last time).  Once that I was done, I went and cleared medical, tried to clear dental but they were closed for training today, and I went and got Ryan’s and Robert’s medical records set to be forwarded to Ft. Huachuca.  I went to Clark Hall to the Reassignment section for the stuff that they cleared for me.  Out of all of them, I only had to take care of one that they couldn’t take care of for me, and that was the Installation Property Book.  I had to clear that myself since I was a signature card holder because I worked in supply.  That done, I headed home, via a stop at Condino’s again to actually see my bill from the work – new rack & pinion, 2 new tires, and new front brakes.  It cost me a pretty chunk, but I really appreciate them making sure my van is ready for the trek across the country.  And they let me pay in installments, so that’s nice. 

Once home, we got part of the porch painted before it started raining and we had to stop.  I gathered up all our laundry and headed to the laundrymat to do our laundry.  I worked on a crochet project while the clothes were washing and drying.  It only took me $4.25 to wash and dry, so not too bad.  When I got home, Ryan was getting ready to start doing some painting up in Robert’s room.  He did all the trim places today and tomorrow we’ll get the rest of the room painted.  We’ll probably have to do 2 coats in there since we’re going from blue back to white (we didn’t have any more of the blue we used).  Ryan made pizza for supper and it was really yummy.  Robert had a bath to get the paint off – he helped us with the porch (and, no, I didn’t get pictures – I will when we finish the porch).  Once he was in bed, I crocheted and we watched Ghostbusters.

Today’s high:  72
Current:  60

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