Begin the final week!

This morning I got up and brought the van back to the shop.  They did a power steering something-or-other.  I walked home and got the guys up and got into uniform and we all headed to post in Ryan’s truck.  The guys dropped me off at work for accountability formation and then they headed into Watertown to put another ad for the truck in the paper.  After formation, I got my unit clearing papers and then headed to supply to clean my trombone and turn in all my stuff.  That was all the unit clearing I could do today since most of the band is TDY to Ft. Dix until tomorrow evening.  And I couldn’t even finish clearing supply since I need a copy of my CIF turn in sheet and that’s in my clearing folder in my van.  Oops.  Partway through getting my horn cleaned, they guys came back.  Once I was done with stuff, we all headed home to get to work.  I mowed the lawn and Ryan started caulking some of the cracks in our house after he made a trip to the local hardware store for a few things.  Then he got started and I made a trip to the hardware store for a few more things that he forgot.  He got the 3rd floor done and part of the 2nd floor.  I got a tub/floor seal thing installed in front of the tub so drips don’t get under there.  About 1630 or so we called it a day and sat down to relax.  We had TV dinners for supper and then we played some more.  After Robert got all his toys put away, he headed up to bed.  Once he was all tucked in, I stitched and we watched TV.

Today’s high:  74
Current:  65