This morning we were all able to finally sleep in after several days of late nights and early mornings. It sure felt good to sleep later than 0700 for a change. We got ready and headed to church and then after the service we went into Watertown for lunch at Applebees and then some shopping. We went to Michaels to get 10 skeins of DMC floss so I can finish one of my cross stitch projects. I’ve managed to leave/lose my ring of floss for that project somewhere between Michigan and getting back . At least it was the floss and not the project itself. Then it was to Lowe’s for stuff to start working on our house projects – paint, caulk, etc. I sure like my 10% military discount there. On our way home we stopped at the grocery store for a few essentials – milk, bread, apples, etc. Once home we started watching the NASCAR race that we had Tivoed. Shortly after 1800 we walked to the ice cream place for our weekly ice cream treat and then home for bathtime for Robert. I made my weekly phone call home to Mom and Dad and stitched and we finished watching the race. Early to bed tonight.

Today’s high: 78
Current: 62

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