All packed up!

We were up this morning kind of early and finished getting stuff ready for packing day.  Anything not being packed was put in the bathroom – very few things to pack in there, so I just took that out.  The packing crew arrived and after a tour of the house, they got to work.  Ryan and Robert went to McDonald’s to breakfast for the 3 of us.  The crew was very efficient, always asking if there was anything questionable if it was being packed or not, etc.  They started work about 0945 or so and finished at 1700.  Took an hour for lunch, but still got everything done.  They have maybe 2 boxes to do in the morning, including our bed linens so Ryan and I get one more last night in our bed.  After the crew left, we relaxed for a bit and then walked to Jreck Subs for supper and then to the Legion for their weekly drive-in car show.  Lots of really nice cars there, including a few from the 20s and 30s that really make me drool.  There was even an old firetruck there.  They had a 50/50 raffle and we bought some tickets.  $5 for your arm’s length.  Ryan got 17 tickets for his $5, and all the money goes to the Legion’s scholarship fund.  We didn’t win, but the winner got $57.  They do this car show every Thursday evening during the summer.  Then it was home to get Robert into bed and I stitched some and called Mom and talked to her for a while.

Today’s high:  84
Current:  70