Home sweet home

After a long day of driving and then 2 uneventful and short flights and another 1 1/2 hours of driving, we got home last night about midnight-thirty.  I had to get up early this morning after not enough sleep to do my turn in of a few things of Army stuff that I won’t be taking with me to Arizona.  My morning didn’t start good.  I was in the van ready to go and no phone.  Came back in the house and found my phone and got going.  I got within about 3-4 miles of the gate I use, and I realized that I didn’t have my folder with my clearing papers, orders, and turn in paperwork in it.  So I had to turn around and go all the way back home to get it.  I finally got there (only 5 minutes late) and I got my stuff turned in.  Then it was off to the band hall for the end of formation and then after formation, we headed to the Division monument where our Command Tattoo is taking place.  We rehearsed for the rest of the morning until lunch.  It went pretty good.  Then it was a quick trip home for the survey of our house for the packers – the guy was already there, but Ryan was here so it was ok.  He just looked at what we have to see how much packing materials they’ll need and if they need anything special.  After he left, I got started on laundry and packing our clothes.

I had to go back to Post for another rehearsal at 1500 and that went good as well.  Short formation for information back at the band hall, and then home via the gas station.  I got a little more clothes folded and then we headed to the Golden Unicorn for supper on our way to the band’s first softball game.  We lost, but we played really well, and it was only 14-17 at the end!!  We were actually tied at the end of the 7th inning and then they score 7 in the final inning and we score 4.  I didn’t get on base at all, but I had one really good hit.  The guy in the outfield was just able to run it down and catch it.  Ryan scored 2 runs and even brought some runners home with the double he hit!  Then it was home to get Robert to bed and more laundry and folding and packing.  I’m heading to be now as I just realized it’s nearly midnight.

Today’s high:  79
Current:  61

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