Happy Father’s Day!!!

Ok, so this is a little late, but I was soooooooooooooooo tired last night and Benydryl was kicking in, had I tried to type anything it would have been incoherent.

Happy Father’s Day to my sweetie and wonderful daddy to Robert, Ryan!!!  Happy Father’s Day to my dad Dale!  Happy Father’s Day to my grandfather Bob!!  Happy Father’s Day to my Godfather Garry!

After breakfast we headed to church.  I sang "Children of the Heavenly Father" during the offering.  It sure was nice getting back to a "real" service again – a traditional Lutheran one instead of the contemporary service we’ve been going to at the Church of the Nazarene.  They had cake and veggies and cheese/crackers for fellowship time after the service.  Then it was home for a while to do whatever – play, do computer stuff, etc.  My Grandma Ele and Aunt Carol and Uncle Wayne stopped over to visit for a little while – Grandpa Bob was at a car show with his "Blue Bomb" old car.  It was nice seeing them.  Rick and I helped Mom make rhubarb crunch for dessert – looking forward to that!!  Then we went to Perkins for Father’s Day dinner.  We had a lot of fun, and probably were way too loud in the restaurant, but oh well.  🙂   We stopped to look at some of the old Air Force planes they have on the old air base here – the base closed in like 1996 or so, but they have some planes on display next to a museum.  The museum wasn’t open though, so we’ll go back next month when we’re here for a week.  Once we were home, we played and computered some more, and Mom showed me how to knit a corner to corner dishcloth.  I retaught myself how to knit when I was in Iraq.  We had sauna later in the evening and that sure felt good.  Dad got it really hot in there.  Most of us enjoyed our rhubarb crunch and ice cream for dessert, but Ryan didn’t have any because he doesn’t like rhubarb and Robert didn’t like his either.  Rick and I shared his piece.  But he ate his ice cream.