Long Day, 2 Planes & a rental car

We were up at 0415 this morning and got dressed and packed and bags out to the van.  Then we partook of the free continental breakfast at the hotel before checking out and heading to the airport, which was right next door to the hotel.  We got a parking spot and got our boarding passes and got the suitcase and Robert’s booster seat checked through.  We headed to security and didn’t have any problems there.  Nothing like walking barefoot in the airport.  Yes, we had to take our shoes off.  Robert was really cooperative, but I think it helped that I had talked to him about it quite a bit in the past few days.  Then we waited for our flight, but not a super long wait.  The first flight was from Syracuse to Detroit wasn’t bad until near the end when we hit some turbulence.  From Robert  – "Oooh, that was fun."  LOL  Then at Detroit we rode the tram from one end of the terminal to the other to get to our next gate.  Our flight ended up leaving an hour late as the Captain was coming in on another flight and it got there late.  So we finally got headed to Milwaukee, an uneventful flight.  We got our suitcase and the booster seat and went to the car rental place.  We have a Pontiac G6 for the weekend.  It’s a really cool little car, and it even has a sunroof!  We stopped at Target for a few things after we left the airport and then got on the road headed north.  We stopped for lunch about 45 minutes on the road – at a little Mexican place.  The food wasn’t bad and it was nice having Mexican food for a change.  Then we got back on the road, and soon Robert had fallen asleep while watching the movie Cars on our travel DVD player.  Just north of Green Bay, we stopped for a walk around/stretch break.  There was a big fireworks store there, so we walked around in there.  There was a play area for kids, so Robert and I played and Ryan walked around the store.  Then it was on the road again.  We stopped a few more times for potty stops and we finally got home to Mom & Dad’s shortly before 8.  Dad and Rick were at the play, but Mom was home, and she took us out for pizza for supper.  Once we got back to the house, we played for a little bit and then got Robert off to bed.  I’ll be heading that way shortly as well – it’s been a long day.


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