Riverfest and a hotel

This morning we got up and ready and got the van loaded and kitties rounded up and into their carriers and we headed out.  We dropped the kitties off at the vet for kenneling for the week and then headed to Alexandria Bay for Riverfest – a special day for Soldiers & Families at Ft. Drum to enjoy the Uncle Sam Boat Tour and Boldt Castle.  There is a free picnic lunch provided for us at the castle as well.  Be sure to click on the links to see more about each.  It was a good time despite the rain.  This was my 3rd time doing this and Ryan and Robert’s 4th time (I was in Iraq last year).  After we got back to the mainland, Robert got to play in the bounce houses for a little while and then we got in the van and headed to Syracuse.  We went to the mall for me to exchange the paperback version of "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini for the hardcover illustrated version.  Then Robert got to ride on the carousel.  Then it was off to the Olive Garden for dinner.  We don’t have one in Watertown.  It was actually kind of a disappointing dinner tonight.  Note to self:  seafood and pasta does not work well together for me.  No more shrimp with pasta at the Olive Garden.  After dinner we finally headed to our hotel.  We knew it was close to the airport, but we didn’t know how close.  Tomorrow morning when we leave out of the hotel parking lot, we’ll turn right and just about be in the airport parking lot.  It’s THAT close.  We got settled in our small room – Robert is sleeping kind of under the desk on the floor.  Robert played for a while and I crocheted and pretty soon he was asking to go night-night.  That doesn’t happen very often with him.  Of course, he was still awake for probably another hour, but he’s asleep now.  I’ll be heading to bed very soon as well.

Today’s high:  63
Current:  62


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