BQ Troop Return, Hair Cuts, and Packing

No PT this morning so I slept in a little.  Good thing since it was SUPER late when we went to bed and I didn’t sleep well at all.  I know I was awake at 0300 and at that point decided I wasn’t getting up for a run.  I went in for 0930 formation, and then after formation, the Brass Quintet headed to the gym to play for a Troop Return Ceremony.  It went well, and was short as always.  After the ceremony, I was done for the day and I headed home.  We had a very productive day.  I went through the boxes in the guest room way upstairs and got a huge box ready for the thrift store, and some trash as well, including 5 empty boxes!!  I still have 2 boxes in the stairwell that I need to go through but those will wait until after we get back from Michigan.  We headed out and Ryan and Robert got haircuts.  Then it was into town to Target for a few things.  And then to the mall for a haircut for me.  While we waited the half hour until they could get me in, we went to the bookstore and Robert got to pick out a couple of new books for on the plane on Friday.  I got my hair cut, and it took as long to dry it as it did to wash and cut it.  And the guy that cut my hair had me stand up while he was cutting it since it’s getting so long.  Then we made a quick stop at Michaels for a dry erase activity book for Robert and then to Friendly’s for dinner.  And then it was home to get packed for this weekend.  Robert got a long bath while I was packing.  I only packed for a weekend for three people, but wow.  Not easy, but we got it done.  Then Ryan got Robert off to bed and I got my carry on (laptop backpack) and Robert’s carry on packed.  All I have to do is put my laptop and cords in in the morning.  I crocheted for a bit more just to relax from all the go-go-go, and now I’m finishing up on the computer so I can get to bed.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  70

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