This morning PT accountability was at the gym.  After I was accounted for, I went to the soccer fields across the street and did 10 soccer field intervals.  I ran fast the length of the soccer field and then did an easy recovery the same length.  It was a good workout.  But my shoes and socks were SOGGY after.  Between the rain yesterday and this morning’s dew, the grass was pretty wet.  After a trip home to change and eat and pack my lunch and check my e-mail and stuff, it was back to post.  I went to my clearing briefing and got my clearing papers!!!  Woohoo!!  After the briefing, I did a lot of clearing – most places it’s just a matter of bringing your clearing papers, showing a copy of your orders and then you get a stamp and a signature.  I went to CIF to make my appointment to turn in my little bit of equipment that I need to turn in.  Then I went back to the band hall and sat in my office for lunch.  I got an hour of stitching done after I ate.  After lunch I checked my e-mail and then went and tried to clear medical, but they won’t do it more than 10 business days before final out date.  So I couldn’t do that.  I figured dental would be the same.  Then I went to my Finance Briefing so I can get the travel advances and other moving money.  That took about 8 minutes.  Then I had an hour to kill before Brass Quintet rehearsal so I went and cleared one other place.  Rehearsal went well for the gig we have tomorrow.

Then it was home for supper and the guy from the rental management company came over and looked at our house and we talked about all kinds of stuff.  There are a few things that are negatives – no back yard, the neighbor’s house is an eyesore, no heat/cooling on the 3rd floor.  So it’s going to be listed at $1150 a month.  Not quite what we were hoping for, but we’ll make do.  As long as it gets rented. . .  And speaking of houses, the one we were looking at in AZ is not going to happen.  One of my friends there called the company and they said that it’s a really run-down house and not even worth looking at.  Now if only they had told ME that one of the two times I had called about it.  Hmm. . .  But I’ve found a few others from a different company and e-mailed them to my friend to check out for me.  Not going to get my hopes on any of them this time around.  No pools.  But we’ll live.

I spent the evening looking for hotels in Niagara Falls, Canada, for our two nights that we’ll be there.  We’re going to do some touristy stuff during our travels to Arizona, Niagara Falls being the first stop.  So there are hotels that accept pets and hotels that have internet, but the pet hotels don’t seem to have internet.  I guess we’ll have to live without internet for 2 days.  Booo.

Way late for bed again.  I guess I’d better get some sleep.

Today’s high:  76
Current:  58


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