Day off

Today really was a day off.  I slept until almost 9 this morning and that sure felt good.  Ryan and Robert took a trip to the dump with another 275 pounds of junk.  How in the world did we accumulate that much??  Hmmm. . .  At least it’s gone and we don’t have to move it.  I made a few calls about the house we’re looking at in Sierra Vista.  One of my friends in the band at Huachuca is going to go look at the house and take more pics for us and we might make a decision before even setting foot in it.  The price is definitely right, especially now that they’ve dropped the rent by $100 a month.  4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, fenced back yard, in ground pool (and the pool maint. is included in the rent), fireplace in the living room, decent looking (from the one pic) kitchen.  7 miles to the band hall, 3 miles to the church we’re looking at, 1.5 miles to the community college, and a block from the elementary school.  Keep your fingers crossed that it gets a good review from my friend and that if it does get a good review, that we’re able to get it!  This afternoon I spent a couple hours in my craft area getting things organized and cleaned and ready to pack.  I still have a little bit of work to do, but it’s a lot better than it was.  Then it was off to softball practice on post.  We didn’t have the whole team there, but since it was a day off, some were probably doing other things.  Then after practice we went to the PX for a few things and then to Burger King for supper.  Then it was home for dessert (butterscotch pudding that Ryan had made).  After Robert was in bed, I got my stitching out, and then my sponsor from Huachuca called and we talked for a little while.  Then I stitched for a little while.

Today’s high:  67
Current:  57


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