Violet Festival and Mother/Daughter Garden Tea

It was an early morning for us.  We had bought donuts at the grocery store yesterday for a treat for breakfast this morning.  We were out the door at 0600, heading to post.  I had formation at 0630.  Ryan and Robert followed the bus in the van and I had to ride the bus.  I stitched for about an hour and then I napped.  We went to march in the Violet Festival Parade in Dolgeville.  It was a really good parade, about 2 miles (so they said, but it didn’t really feel like it).  We stopped in front of the reviewing stand and played the National Anthem, the 10th Mountain Division and the Army songs.  After the parade, I got the car keys from Ryan and he and Robert went and watched the rest of the parade.  I got my stuff off the bus, got my horn put away, and changed into shorts and a polo shirt in the back of the van.  I love tinted windows.  LOL  Then I went and found the guys and finished watching the parade with them.  It was almost 2 hours long – and I don’t know how many bands.  Six or seven maybe.  I lost count.  Once the parade was done, we went and looked at all the craft and other vendors in the park area and there was food, too, but the lines were really long so we decided to wait and eat on our way home.  I stitched on the way and Robert ended up falling asleep.  We stopped when we were in Lowville and had a late lunch.  When we got home, I laid down on the bed for a bit and ended up falling asleep.  I took about a 45 minute or so nap before getting dressed and heading to the church for the Mother/Daughter Garden Tea.  I sat with three older ladies from the church – we "adopted" each other so I had 3 mothers and they had a daughter.  There were little sandwiches, deviled eggs, veggies and fruit, and several desserts, as well as punch, tea, and coffee.  There were door prizes, but I didn’t win anything.  It was a lot of fun!  Then I came home and played Chutes and Ladders with Robert before he went to bed.  Once he was in bed, I stitched and we watched the Nationwide series race.

Today’s high:  70
Current:  60

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