Flag Day ceremony

Today was a day off – beginning of a Battalion 4-day weekend.  But I was up and in uniform and out the door at 0830 to head to a local elementary school for their Flag Day Ceremony.  The Brass Quintet played – we played one piece with the 4th grade band and then we were featured for a piece.  It was a pretty neat ceremony.  After the ceremony it was back home and I got laundry folded, more laundry started washing, and I got all my extra uniform stuff and the rest of my Army equipment packed into 3 tuff boxes, a duffel bag, and my ruck sack, ready for the packers to come in 13 days.  We went to Watertown to Ruby Tuesday for dinner and then to the grocery store on the way home for a few things.  And then we watched the final game of the Stanley Cup Finals and stitch.  I was sorry to see the Red Wings lose, but the Penguins played much better and deserve the Cup.  Congrats to the Penguins and all their fans.

Today’s high: 73
Current:  60


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