For PT this morning I ran 3.37 miles in 35:29.  I ran a 1 minute negative split, so I’m happy about that, even though it was kind of a slower pace.  I was a little sore from softball practice yesterday.  Once home, I got the trash out to the road for pick up, packed my lunch, got my water bottle filled, ate breakfast, and did a bit of computer stuff.  After formation, we had Tattoo music rehearsal for about 45 minutes.  Then we did vehicle inspections since it’s a 4-day weekend for us.  By then it was lunch time so I ate and then stitched.  After lunch I did a little bit of credit card stuff – yes, it seems like I do that a lot, but we’re still working on making sure everyone has a government travel card, especially since there is a TDY next week.  Then at 2 we had Brass Quintet rehearsal for our gig tomorrow.  That went well and then it was off to the briefing for the TDY next week.  I’m not going, but since I manage the travel cards, I needed to be there to brief them about their cards and I made sure they all had my phone number in case anyone has a problem.  Then it was off to supply to make a list of who has and has not turned in their clothing records updates and do one last credit card account check online.  I headed home for dinner which Ryan had cooked so that was nice.  Then we played for a while and when Robert went up to bed, I took a nice long shower.  Then I crocheted and finished the square I started last night.

Today’s high:  74
Current:  64

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