Lots of marching band

Today was our long day. After formation at 0700, we got on the bus and headed to the monument by Division headquarters. We had our first rehearsal for the Command Tattoo in 2 weeks. It actually went really well, and our marching part is much easier than what we did 2 years ago. We spent a couple of hours out there, and then when we got back to the band hall, we had drill band to practice for the upcoming ceremonies. I didn’t march, but got to be part of the observers today since I’m not going to Ft. Polk for the ceremony next week. By the time we were done with that, it was pretty much lunchtime. After I ate, I got an hour of stitching done. The afternoon was spent doing a little bit of credit card stuff and then just killing time until it was time for softball practice. We got to practice on the real field today and that was nice. I played 3rd base for a little bit, but mostly I was in my usual catcher spot. Practice went really well – only one more practice before our first game in 2 weeks. Ryan’s pitching for us. After practice was done, we went to the Golden Unicorn for supper and then home for Robert to clean his toys up. After he was in bed, I crocheted and started a 12" square for my crochet exchange group. Heading to bed now – I’m TIRED.

Today’s high: 66
Current: 57

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