Short day

We all got up this morning and headed into Watertown.  We ate breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts for a special treat.  Then we went to the Rental Management Company’s office and talked to the owner for a bit.  He’s going to come by sometime this week to look at the house.  Then it was home again.  Ryan changed and left to go golfing with some friends and professors from school; he brought Robert to SF’s since I had to go to work for 1300.  Once I got there, I had Brass Quintet rehearsal for a while and then we had our first Tattoo rehearsal.  We didn’t actually play anything – just talked about what was going to go on.  And then I headed to the transportation office to change my household goods appointment.  The Tattoo is the day of my pickup for my household goods, and the day before (packing day) is several run throughs.  I still have to do the Tattoo even though I’m clearing and I want to be in my house during packing and pickup.  That pretty much took the rest of the day and I came home.  I picked Robert up from S as Ryan was still finishing up on the golf course.  We ordered pizza for supper.  After we ate and Robert got toys and stuff cleaned up, he had a bath.  I didn’t stitch tonight as I’ve been sneezing like crazy.  All the cleaning and unpacking over the weekend kicked up a bunch of dust and my allergies are killing me.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  59

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