Productive Sunday

We all slept in this morning, but we’re able to do that and still go to church since the service isn’t until 1100. Church was good and then after we went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Watertown for lunch. Then it was over to Herb Philpson’s for softball cleats and sandals for Ryan and I got a batting glove. And a quick stop at Michaels for one skein of floss and then home. Ryan and I got to work in our bedroom and got a fairly large box emptied and I put all our blankets in it. We threw some stuff out and put other stuff into donation piles and sorted things and emptied another duffle bag as well. One more day in our bedroom and that room will be pretty much ready to be packed. We’re making good progress! Then we finally sat down and relaxed and watched the NASCAR race that we had Tivo’ed. Since our lunch was late and kind of big, Robert just had a yogurt and then some ice cream before he went to bed. I called Mom & Dad and stitched on and finished White Queen. It took me 40 hours of stitching. Pictures are below. . .

Here is the finished piece as a whole:
Image Hosting by

Top detail:
Image Hosting by

Middle detail:
Image Hosting by

and Bottom detail:
Image Hosting by

Today’s high:  58
current:  53


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