Retirement Ceremony and an evening at the races!

This morning started with the Brass Quintet playing at a retirement ceremony for a Command Sergeant Major.  It was a nice short ceremony.  It was a beautiful day for it – outdoor ceremony.  It was a bit windy, but nothing we couldn’t handle.  After the ceremony Ryan and Robert picked me back up (they had dropped me off and went to the playground on post for a while) and we went to the PX and Clothing Sales.  On our way home, we ate lunch at the Golden Unicorn.  Once home, Robert went up to his room for quiet time and Ryan and I went through some boxes and duffel bags.  We made some really good progress today – got more clothes ready to donate, more other stuff ready to bring to the thrift store on post, stuff in the garbage (gasp!), and I think all told we emptied 2 duffel bags and 3 or 4 boxes!!  We’re getting there, but we still have quite a ways to go before we’re ready to be packed.  We took a break for a little while, and then we headed out to the Adirondack International Speedway for an evening of races.  They had Super Stocks, Late Models, 4 cyl light trucks, 4 cyl sport compacts, and then the ladies took their husband’s/boyfriend’s/etc. 4 cyl light trucks.  It was a really fun evening and we all enjoyed watching some of the local racers.  There was even a 16-year-old girl driving one of the cars and she did pretty well against all the guys.  I talked to her after the race a little bit.  After the races were done, they opened up pit road to anyone who wanted to go down, so we went and looked at the cars and trucks and Ryan talked to a few of the drivers and owners.  Robert loved looking at all the cars.  It was nearly 2300 when we got home and Robert went right up to bed. 

Today’s high:  70
Current:  57


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