Countermarch, march. . . . And repeat. And a new dress & softball glove

This morning after formation, we had drill band for an hour and a half.  It was a very long morning and I was tired afterward.  We did more ceremony sequence rehearsal, and then we practiced a bunch of countermarches – probably 45 minutes of just countermarches.  It was good training for sure, but it was an awful lot of countermarches.  At least the morning went by pretty quickly.  For lunch, AA (fellow trombonist) an I went to the Koreana for lunch.  It’s a little Korean restaurant near post with some really good food.  After lunch I went to clothing & sales for Dress Blues fittings.  We had 4 new Soldiers that didn’t have Blues yet, and one of them was a female so I went to help get her into Blues.  The staff there was really helpful as well.  Then it was back for Brass Quintet rehearsal for our gig we have on Saturday.  It was fairly short as the Senior leaders had a meeting and our BQ leader had an appointment.  Then I was finally able to get on a computer and do my stuff that I needed to do today.  It was about 1710 when I left and I headed home, got the cookies (oatmeal butterscotch) that Ryan made into an ice cream bucket and we headed to the church for the free dinner they were having.  Ryan had signed up to bring cookies, so that’s what they were for.  They turned out REALLY good for his first ever time making cookies.

After we ate, we headed to the mall in Watertown.  I met up with KW, one of the other females in the unit.  We went dress shopping while the guys went and did guy stuff.  We went to J.C. Penney and found a few dresses for me to try on.  We found one that we both really liked lots more than the others.  And then I saw the price tag of $90 – I about had a heart attack.  As K was putting the other dresses back on the racks, we saw the sign above the dresses – 50% off!!!!  Ok, not so bad now.  She also picked out some really pretty earrings and a necklace to accessorize the dress.  After we had checked out, K headed home, and I met back up with my guys.  We went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and got new softball gloves.  Or rather, I should say I got A softball glove.  I’ve always used my old baseball glove for playing softball.  And not only do I have a softball glove now, but it has PURPLE on it!!!  We also got a few softballs, Ryan got a batting glove, and a bag for his glove, cleats, and bat.

Then it was home to get Robert in bed, and I’ll be heading up pretty soon myself.

Today’s high:  66 – the first fully sunny day in a long time!
Current:  50


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