Wednesday = Long Day

Today was our long day.  And my day didn’t start off to well.  I got up at 0610 and had to be ready to leave by 0630.  I managed that – ate a poptart in my van on the way to work.  And then I got behind a guy going 40 in a 55 mph zone.  I have 2 passing zones between here and the first of 2 villages I have to go through.  I caught up to him just near the end of the first one and then the second one there was like 8 cars coming.  So I followed him going 40.  Until we got to the village where the speed limit goes down to 35.  He slowed down to 30.  Then the speed limit went back to 55 and he went back to 40.  Then the speed limit went down to 45 for the other village and he SPED UP to 45.  HUH????  And then when the speed limit went back to 55, he slowed down to 40.  Can this guy not read or what???  By now I’m running behind so I sent a text message to my team leader.  I finally was able to pass the guy after the next village and a traffic light.  Good grief!!

So I made it to work on time, and afer formation we had weapons maintenance time.  I cleaned my M16 for a little over an hour.  Then I went to supply for a little bit before heading to my clearing briefing.  That was a bust – it turns out you get your clearing papers at the briefing (I thought you went to the briefing and then picked up your papers when you were ready to clear) and clearing papers are only good for 30 days.  So I can’t do the briefing until after next Monday.  Grrrr.  I actually had time this morning and wanted to get it out of the way.  Back to the office to kill time until lunch.  Nope.  We had drill band that got added to the schedule last minute.  But it was actually pretty fun and we got a lot accomplished, working on the ceremony sequences.  Then it was lunchtime and after I ate, I stitched.  After lunch I did some work on the computer and then we just sat around bs’ing until it was time to get ready for PT.  Ryan and Robert showed up about 1540 and we headed over to the softball field for practice.  Ryan pitched and I’m back in my happy place behind the plate.  Robert had fun playing with his baseball and taking pictures with his new camera.  He chased down a few stray balls for us as well.  It was a good practice considering it was our first one and several don’t have gloves yet.

After practice was done, I went back to my office change into non-PT clothes, and then we went to the Golden Unicorn for dinner.  And then home to relax for the evening.  After Robert was in bed, I crocheted more on the baby blanket.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  53


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